Side 1 EP

by Caleb Hawley

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pcornes I really enjoy listening to "I Just Want You" because it's so soulful and smooth, not to mention the lyrics are true. Thanks for writing and performing this! Favorite track: I Just Want You.
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released January 28, 2014

CALEB HAWLEY – vocals, guitars,
piano, mopho, vibraphone, percussion &
drum programming
DAN MOLAD – percussion, juno 106 & banjo
PATRICK FIRTH – piano, B3, rhodes & synths
JOSH DION – drums
NICK VIDEEN – tenor & alto saxophones
DREW SAYERS – tenor & bari saxophones
ALEX ASHER – trombone
KEVIN MOORE – backing vocals
SANDY PARK – string contractor

MICHAEL BLAND – drums on “Little Miss Sunshine”
ROB JOST – french horn on “Little Miss Sunshine”
THEO KATZMAN – snare drum on “Little Miss Sunshine”
EVAN SMITH – flute on “Would You Even Try”
RYAN VAUGHN – congas on “Would You Even Try”
vocals on “Sometimes a Good Feeling (Just Can’t Last)”
EVAN WATSON – harmonica on “Long Life”

Mixed by STEPHEN KAYE at sunking studios, Los Angeles (Tracks 1-6 & 8)
Mixed by DAN MOLAD at sounds like a fire, Brooklyn (Tracks 7 & 9-12)
Mastered by LARRY LACHMAN at kevorkian mastering, NYC
Engineered by DAN MOLAD at godelstring & sounds like a fire, Brooklyn
Vocals engineered by CALEB HAWLEY at hobo studios, USA
Strings engineered by ALEX VENGUER at MSR, NYC
Drums on “Little Miss Sunshine” engineered by PETER ANDERSON
at flowers studio, Minneapolis
Horn & string arrangements – CALEB HAWLEY
“The Boss” by JAMES BROWN sampled on “Would You Even Try”
“Reflections” by DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES sampled on “Find It”
Photography & design – Paul Christopher Williams
All lyrics found at



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Caleb Hawley New York, New York

Harlem’s Caleb Hawley is an American soul singer, songwriter and performer. Like savvy throwback crooners Mayer Hawthorne and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Hawley channels early Stevie Wonder and other Motown sounds into a complete, magnetic package.


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Track Name: Would You Even Try?
There's a five grown men standing on the corner
Watching the world go by
Twenty something' woman walks on by
With three children at her side

Can anybody help her? 3Xs
Would you even try?

Would you even try
Or would you turn your back away
Would you even try
Or are you just saving it for another day
Would you even try - Yeahh
Would you even try - Oooohhh

Well there’s a teenage kid with a strung out mother
Gotta teach himself how to survive
And you can find him on the street cause he don’t like to be
Around her when she’s getting high

Can anybody help him?
Can anybody help him?
Oh and will anybody raise him?
Did they even try?

Bass Solo
Track Name: Sometimes a Good Feeling (Just Can't Last)
Sometimes a good feeling just can't last
There's too many things I gotta do, and this is moving way to fast
I ain't ready (I ain't Ready) for your love (For Your Love)
But I wish I was, yeah I wish I was, mmmhmm

Well you caught me staring at you so I shyly looked away
and when I sneaked to grab another peak you were staring back at me
So I walked on over to you and I asked you for your name
Two weeks later we're living together
and you're thinking you might stay
But I don't think I'm ready yet


Admittedly I like you but its just infatuation
Oh and I don't wanna love you yet but I'm feeling the temptation
You're a bit progressive and you want a family
But I've got places around this world that I still wanna see
I’m so sorry baby, it just can’t beeeee…. with you


I think I love you but can we just be friends 6Xs
I ain't ready for the commitment
But baby when we're older hope we meet again


I think I love you but can we just be friends 8Xs
Track Name: I Just Want You
I was paralyzed by those pair of lies
But those pair of eyes brought me right back to you
I gave up my pride, for you by my side
You can do what you want and I'll turn my head
I got nowhere else to go

I just want you however I can
And if I can't be the only one
Will you still hold my hand when we're alone?
Will you still kiss me?
And when we're home
Will you pretend I'm the only one you're dreaming of

I heard from your friends you had been untrue
But I did not believe them till I walked in on you
I wish you only - wanted me
But how can I tell you what to do, if I don't want you to leave


Don't wanna be lonely
I've been alone for too long
You think you don't hurt me
Baby you're wrong

Track Name: When My Baby's Gone
When my baby's gone
Well nobody wanna see me
And nobody seems to care if I'm alive
When my baby's gone
Everybody just be asking
How she been or where she at or what she’s like

Doesn't anyone love me
Or do they just love my baby
or is it just my imagination runnin' wild
I just feel so lucky
That she's so into me
So I'm gonna keep on doing my best to make her smile

When my baby's gone
Well the phone just sits there silent
And my pride is slowly dying
But at least I know she's mine
When my baby's gone
All the parties lose their life
‘cause she's the brightest light
In the whole down town


Oh but when she's here
Oh everything is going right
All the people passing by they just stare
And I know they're wondering what she's doing here by my side
But she'll never deny that she's my girl and I'm her guy

When my baby's gone
The time it moves so slowly
So I replay the times she's told me
She can’t wait to come back home
When my baby's gone
All the parties lose their life
‘cause she's the brightest light
In the whole down town

Track Name: Crying Wolf
VS 1
Well I got no time to talk all about it

I said that I'm sorry
 and I'm moving on
Let’s pretend those words we said never happened

Let's (just) go back to laughin’
 and getting along

PC 1
Guess it's true some things are better left unspoken
But you pushed until I told you now you're pretty heart's broken

Oh Baby, I'm sorry – you got me down my knees today

Ooh Baby, I'm Crazy – I didn’t mean it that way

VS 2
You always said you wanted me to be honest

So I made u a promise 
To tell u the truth

I thought you'd understand so that's why I said it

But now I regret it
Baby what are we gonna do

PC 2
Such a fool for fallin for your bestest friend
But does that mean what we have has to end?

Oh Baby, I'm sorry – you got me down my knees today
(I said I'm sorry, I said that I'm sorry ooh)

Ooh Baby, I'm Crazy – I didn’t mean it that way
(I said I'm sorry, I said that I'm sorry ooh)


“You know there comes that time in every man’s life he’s gotta get down on his knees and say I’m sorry.

Track Name: Let a Little Love In
Verse 1
Love's not the way that you're talking at me
It's not the way that you make me feel
Its not the way that you push me down again and again
Before I get up for a chance to heal

Verse 2
Love's not the way that you criticize me
Putting me down to all my friends
It's not the way that you try to plead and apologize
When you go right back and do it again

I don't wanna be a fighter
I'd rather be your friend
So can we get a little a higher
Let a little love in
Let a little love in

Love’s not the way you like to see me fail
And point out my faults like it's a game
It’s not the way that you try to walk all over me
When you need someone else to blame


Let a Little love in, Let a Little love in 16Xs